What does the dish network smart card do? my dish network receiver does not currently have a smart card in it. But dish is sending me one now after 2 years? What does the smart card do in the receiver?

splash replied: "Dish Network Access Card
Dish Network access card, also known as a smart card, is a removable credit-card-sized plastic card included with each satellite receiver. Dish Network access card identifies each receiver and tells your program provider your Pay-Per-View (PPV) usage each month."

classicsat replied: "Your receiver does have a smart card built in. Rampant piracy of the Dishnetwork service has rendered it valueless.
The new smartcard replaces the one built into the receiver (or one inserted into older receivers.

What the Smartcard does is provide decryption keys only to the channels you have subscribed to."

What is a Dish Network Smart Card? Just got sent a dish network smart card, and am not sure what exactly it does. Would dish network charge me anything extra if i install it?

TV guy replied: "No extra charge.
If you DON’T install it, your receiver will STOP working."

R T replied: "A smart card is a security device that authorizes your receiver to decode Dish Network programming. They change them periodically for the same reasons one would change keys in an office building periodically. That way, people with unauthorized copies of the keys are locked out.

The card is covered in your monthly payments; there is no extra charge. If you do not install it, when the new keys take effect, your receiver will stop working."

Dish Network Smart Card? My tv is telling me that I need a smart card. I had my receiver activated about a week ago and the guy said we didn’t need one. Do I? I know I should call, I will do that tomorrow just curious if anyone else has had this happen.

classicsat replied: "If it is a brand new receiver, it will (or at least should) come with the current smart card built in. If it is a not so new receiver, it will need the purple N3 card."

Will my dish network 625 receiver take a smart card? And, What is a yellow card? It doesn’t come with one….however it does have card slot. I have been seeing some E-bay ads for yellow cards, etc. Just curious as to whether my receiver would even take a card and if so what good it would do? (other than get me busted by dish for signal theft! LOL)

classicsat replied: "The 625 has a yellow (N2) card built in. The current card is Purple (N3), and the 625 has a slot for it.

here is no need at all to buy a yellow card for the purposes of legally receiving programming, or illegally for that matter."

I got a Dish Network Receiver from my friend and it won’t work at my home. Do I need a new smart card? There is already a smart card installed within the reciever. I currently have dishnetwork in the house and have all the wires connected. Why isn’t it working? Do I need a different smart card? Help!

Alien replied: "yes"

soonerbelle71 replied: "The smart cards are tied to the original owner. Dish won’t assign it to you. Either reactivate under his name (which isn’t exactly legal) or call Dish network and order a new card which is going to probably cost you. Might be cheaper to just go buy a new system, then you could get the new promotions."

wrdsmth495 replied: "Probably a new card is required. They have different versions of them and different levels of service as well. I’ve upgraded my Dish Network service and they had to come out and change a few components. I’ll bet this is the case for you as well – incompatible hardware…"

drew t replied: "Just call Dish and activate the receiver."

joey replied: "no you got to use the same smartcard unless it is outdated but it has to be activated call dish network 1800333dish(3474) and they could activate it for you and if it needs a new smartcard they send them out for free when they are outdated they will tell you if its outdated"

what do i have to do after buying a dish network reciever off of ebay? I already have the service but I would like to buy a new reciever with the dvr and other features without paying the major bucks through dish network so I am thinking of buying one on ebay. If i do this do I just need to call dish network and have the activate it? or will the smart card (credit card like thing) do that? thanks.

papajoepopster replied: "you should definitley contact your dish provider to prevent piracy allegations,,you can hook up with an extra unit,but i wouldnt advise it"

Satellite smart card-how do I get one? I have a old dish network dish and reciever, it has a slot for a card/ How do I get a smart card and is it illegal? I want to get international channels and dish network does not sell the ones I want.

WebtvDan replied: "I can already tell you’re not going to like my answer.

To begin with – if Dish network does not offer the international channel you’re after – no smart card will magically provide it.

Next – Dish has updated the smart card over the years and charges a substantial penalty if you cannot provide the old blue card for the current yellow card.

Your old dish network receiver is probably nothing more than a doorstop."